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True Ministries Church is a church without walls with many outreaches, reaching into the hearts of mankind with the healing resurrection power of Christ Jesus in preparation for His return. Our purpose is to declare the truth that has been established from the beginning of time. We believe in the Trinity of God, and the Bible as His true Word. We believe God still heals, delivers and baptizes with the Holy Spirit. He enables us to live a holy life with the witness and power of His Spirit. We believe in expressing our reverence to the Lord through worship, praise, prayer and intercession.

We believe in the fight against demonic forces that try to infiltrate the body of Christ and bring deception to the lost. The ministry of deliverance is essential and the teaching of spiritual warfare a must.

With the compassion of Christ we provide food, clothing, shelter, and some medical assistance for those in need. Our outreach also extends to the homeless and meeting the needs of those we can’t reach physically but can support financially. In this we believe in the fullness of tithing and offerings to support the local body of Christ. We believe in networking with other ministries to meet the needs of the community. 

We also minister in the local jails allowing inmates to be discipled with the possibility of entering our other ministry, the Total Freedom Program, upon their release.